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STORCAD had the privilege of designing a custom storage facility for our clients at StorageX.

Congratulations to StorageX on winning the Rising Star Award at the Monash Business Awards 2023 and Self Storage Facility of the Year 2023.

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Good design is critical in attracting self-storage customers and optimising your yields

- Harry Katsiabanis Director Storage X

" Our vision was to transform our existing taxi depot into a self-storage facility that would be appealing for our customer base and one that would maximise the use of the building. As new entrants to the industry, we needed to undertake extensive research and identify experienced consultants that we could relate to. Our journey was comprehensive, it included both local and international research to try and understand the customer’s journey and their pain points. During this journey it was clear that good design and construction were critical. Marketing , sales and lease up were areas that we could use our vast business experience and acumen to achieve results. However if the design and construction was incorrect sales and marketing would have been obstructed. Our research led us to Javier Rezzonico from Storcad, what followed was an easy and professional process. Javier, explained the aesthetics of the building and street appeal was critical. He also illustrated the importance of the driveway and the drive thru access. Initially I was reluctant to transform the façade of the building and include the drive thru as to the cost of the exercise, however Javier was able to communicate the benefits: “ Harry, do you want to fill the facility quickly?” The answer was obviously Yes, what followed was a redesign of the facility. Javier’s knowledge and skill have been paramount in StorageX being named self-storage facility of the year by the Self-Storage Association. We highly recommend Javier and the team of Storcad, and will be using their services again as we expand our self-storage journey. "

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