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Concept Designs & Layouts

Designing your site is one of your first steps towards setting up a self-storage business, it is also one of the most important!

Our designs start off by completing a checklist of requirements & restrictions that the site may have. We then use this information and design a building footprint and fully optimized unit layout. This is designed in a way that will ensure you have the best possible net lettable area, it will comply with fire distances of travel, compartment sizes & can be built in the most economical way. The detail included in the plans obtain crucial information such as the number and size of each unit. You can use this information for your feasibility study & to calculate your return on investment.

3D Building Scans

If you have an existing warehouse that you would like to retro-fit into a self-storage facility, we use the latest technology in 3D scanning to ensure accurate measurements are taken to avoid costly delays on site.

Within a timely manner, we will visit your site, take 3D survey imagery which captures all existing structural elements, this produces a usable 3D model of your existing site. Using this 3D model, we then insert your partitioning & mezzanine layouts and finalize your design.

Production Aids

Because our design are all produced in 3D, it gives us the capability to produce a complete material take off list. There is no more need for estimators manually calculating materials for quotations. There is no more need for project managers to calculate cut lists for production, this is all automatically calculated from our designs. This also comes in handy to calculate budget build costs for your feasibility study.

Rendered Image From Layouts

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